Lawn Maintenance Class

Take the time to watch our Lawn Maintenance video so you can pick up numerous tips that will enable you to improve your lawn performance, but far more importantly you will come away with a better understanding of nature's responses to the efforts you make, or don't make. You will also learn the benefits of soil improvement, the value of timelines when applying products, and the reasons we recommend these products and what they are. You will also learn why service here is a step above the rest. 

When to Prune

 This video will discuss the different times of the year to prune. There are many times through out the year that pruning needs to be done. Depending on the types of plants you have in your yard will make the difference on when you should prune. 

The Basics to Pruning

 Allan will discuss the basic information needed to properly prune your plants and shrubs. This includes where to properly cut the plants branches as well as the different pruning styles.